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Content creation for social media – Pinterest

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Pinterest offers the opportunity to pin aesthetic images and find inspiration for different worlds and lifestyles. The platform functions similarly to an image search engine, with many users seeing this as its main function. The social platform allows users to create digital pinboards and share their visual interests. This allows private individuals to become creators.

However, Pinterest is not only of interest to private individuals; companies can also benefit from this platform. Global platform user numbers have been on the rise again since 2021, so companies should not ignore the users of this platform in their target group strategy. According to a recent study, 482 million people use Pinterest every month, including mainly millennials and Gen Z.

Statista worldwide user numbers Pinterest
Statista worldwide user numbers Pinterest


The name Pinterest is made up of the English terms “pin” and “interest”. As the name suggests, the app aims to pin posts that correspond to individual interests. These can be uploaded in the form of both images and videos.

Goals on Pinterest

Before you start using Pinterest, you should first ask yourself whether you want to create a company profile or a personal profile. As a company, it makes sense to create a company profile, as this allows you to regularly analyze your profile using the “Pinterest Analytics” function. Views, pins and clicks on your own pins are viewed here. A company profile is the more suitable choice, especially if you want to use your Pinterest profile for blog marketing.

A personal profile, on the other hand, is more suitable for purely private use. If a personal profile has already been created, it is no longer possible to convert it into a company profile at a later time. It is therefore advisable to be clear from the outset about how you want to use the platform.

Content Creation

To be recognized as a creator by Pinterest, you must agree to the Creator Codex (guidelines). The next step is to focus on creating content for the Pinterest page. At the beginning, 6-10 boards are usually sufficient, on which the pins are categorized accordingly. It is important to ensure that all pins are sorted by topic and have a clear structure to make it easier for followers to find different pins.

Many companies now use Pinterest as a platform for recycled content. This means that content created on Instagram, for example, ends up on Pinterest in a shortened form. In this way, synergies are created across multiple channels, resources are used efficiently and the entire online presence is perceived as coherent. This creates trust in the brand.

In principle, topics should be selected that are already part of your own content strategy for social media and that meet with a certain level of interest from your own community. Ideally, they should also reflect current trends on Pinterest. It is important that your content offers added value. Pinning pins from popular categories leads to a greater reach and therefore more followers.

According to a study by the University of Minnesota and Georgia Tech, the “Food & Drink” category is one of the most popular among both men and women. The “Design” category is also one of the favorites and is therefore suitable as a topic template for pinning. Even companies whose general focus is not directly on these categories can pin pins from these categories. Ultimately, there are often more thematic links than you might think at first glance.

Compared to other platforms, your content on Pinterest does not disappear or expire. Your pin can still bring results months or years later because, as already mentioned, Pinterest is first and foremost a visual search engine.

Using Pinterest for search engine optimization

Your own pins should not only be visually appealing, but also have a suitable caption, the appropriate category and a meaningful headline. To find the right keywords, simply enter a keyword in the search bar and display the most frequently searched topics. Remember to include the keywords in the title and description of your pins and pinboards. You should also add 3-5 matching hashtags. This way, content is displayed while users continue to search for these topics. Keywords are the key to success.

Pinterest is not only a good platform to strengthen a company’s presence on another website. In fact, Pinterest can help to improve a company’s visibility in the organic, i.e. non-paid, search engine results. Search engine optimization (SEO) includes various aspects such as using relevant keywords and building high-quality backlinks. This leads to the website being positioned higher in the search results and thus attracting more organic traffic.

Place ads in the Pinterest Ads Manager

But Pinterest now also offers plenty of opportunities when it comes to paid content. Pinterest Ads can be used to increase reach, brand awareness and website traffic. All you need is a Pinterest Business account.

The ads are created in the Pinterest Ads Manager. Similar to Meta, specific target groups can be created for each ad, including users’ favorite topics and interests, age, gender, location and language. Pinterest also offers the option of so-called ActAlike target groups to find other users who have similar interests to existing target groups.

Several ad formats are also possible on Pinterest, such as Promoted Pins. These are equivalent to promoted posts on Meta. Previously created pins can easily be converted into ads if they meet the requirements. In addition to these, there are also the options of placing video ads and carousel pins. Shopping ads and collection ads are also available for online store operators. While a single product can be pushed with shopping ads, collection ads offer the option of showing several products at once. Visuals and videos can also be used in this format.

Pinterest Ads
Pinterest Ads


Not only does the social platform offer the opportunity to create a positive online presence for the company, but it is also an effective platform for increasing brand awareness and generating more leads with minimal resources. In conclusion, Pinterest is also a valuable tool for a company’s SEO optimization as it can lead to an increase in website traffic.

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