Take advantage of our stakeholder analysis and keep an eye on your business network. Monitor your stakeholders and different target groups, such as the press and journalists, customers, employees, partners or competitors with the help of our media listening. 

With the insights gained from our stakeholder analysis and monitoring, you can move your company or brand forward and improve your reputation protection and brand perception. In addition, you receive concrete approaches for product improvements, impulses for the development of the employer brand or strategically relevant benchmarking information on the competitive environment.

We set up a targeted monitoring of your stakeholders and keep you informed in real time. We design your reporting to best suit your needs.

Services Stakeholder Analysis

How does the press communicate about your company? We monitor journalists and media houses for you …

What influences the buying behavior of your customers? We analyze the mood of your customers …

We monitor politicians and opinion leaders for you and evaluate their statements on the web and social media …

We observe and analyze your competition and show how you perform compared to the competition …

As key stakeholders in your business, you should always keep employee satisfaction in mind …

Monitoring and the surveillance of your suppliers is a key measure to protect your reputation …

Do you operate cooperations with influencers? We analyze the performance of influencers ….

CURE Intelligence’s NGO Relations Monitor provides an overview of current developments and trends ….

Success Stories: Service Examples


  • Analytical evaluation of Twitter and LinkedIn channels of well-known CEOs
  • Definition of meaningful KPIs
  • Identification of effective content as well as recognizable success patterns in wording and posting frequency
  • Analysis of fails
  • Creation of a management summary with clear recommendations for action


  • Global media analysis for a large international financial services company
  • Identification of relevant topics and people
  • Peer group benchmarking
  • Development of a multimedia multi-level reporting system
  • Establishment of a news room
  • Integration into existing communication processes


  • Identification of topic areas that are discussed particularly frequently by users
  • Formulation of pain & gain points for each topic area
  • Visualization of the results including customer statements
  • Development of a regular process for continuous implementation
  • Implementation of reporting with option for a more in-depth analysis including competitors

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