Our holistic social media marketing approach will convince you. We accompany your entire social media communication from the concept and strategy development to the implementation of your social media campaigns, advertising, the selection of suitable influencers, social media monitoring and the evaluation of your measures.

Achieve more in social media – through creative and effective campaigns. We bring know-how and experience together for you. We take care of the appropriate texts, convincing visuals and select the best channels and platforms for you.

Due to our analytical orientation, all our social media marketing measures are clearly traceable and measurable for you and are always evaluated in a clear reporting for you.

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We help you identify the right influencers for your brand, product or service. Let’s get started with influencer marketing …

How do you create a successful social media campaign and which platforms are best suited? …

CURE Intelligence provides you with sound advice on advertising and, if you wish, implements the full process for you …

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  • Identification of influencers whose content and visual language match the customer’s needs
  • Establishing contact and agreeing on cooperation
  • Determination of campaign format
  • Hashtag research
  • Reposting of influencer content on customer channels
  • Reporting on the performance of the campaign


  • Monitoring of Facebook campaigns over several months
  • Weekly and monthly presentation of the content of active campaigns
  • Continuous comparison with competitor campaigns
  • Comparison of interactions and impressions with budget
  • Display of view-through rate, click-through rate, cost per mile, cost per view and other KPIs


  • Comparison of social media campaigns of two competitors with similar content
  • Determination of KPIs such as buzz, engagement, reach, sentiment
  • Qualitative analysis of user feedback and determination of pain & gain points of the campaigns
  • Design of an integrated campaign reporting

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