“Without data you are just another person with an opinion.” The quote from W. Edwards Deming expresses our core philosophy: No strategy without numbers, data, facts. However, the sentence also applies the other way around: “Without a strategy, you are just another person with data”. 

The effective interaction is crucial. Therefore, CURE Intelligence uses your internal as well as external data for strategic consulting, internalizes your positioning and brings in well-founded empirical values. The result is a holistic, workable and effective plan of action.

Services Strategy

Our focus is on online strategy, especially in social media. We develop an effective plan for you …

Personas help you better understand the needs, challenges, and actions of your ideal customer …

We take into account your resources, your strategic issues, your environment and derive a content strategy for you …

We are happy to help you create guidelines that fit your corporate culture …

Success Stories: Service Examples


  • Preparatory determination of status quo and analysis of competitor positioning (channels, content, influencers, employees, organizational anchoring, KPIs, etc.)
  • Implementation of the workshop
  • Presentation of significant medium- and long-term trends in social media
  • Screening of current positioning and target image
  • Development of strategic recommendations and to-dos

Implementation of Social Media Guidelines

  • Determination of the status quo (communication strategy, social media strategy, channels, channel access, IT security, code of conduct, etc.)
  • Research of social media guidelines in the industry
  • Preparation of background information on benefits and best practices for implementation
  • Creation of the social media guidelines 
  • Consulting support during implementation


  • Kick-off with discussion of objectives and organizational framework
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of status quo and positioning of 10 competitors (national and global) with best practices
  • Derivation of key metrics and KPIs
  • Compact strategy with implementation focus and in the context of the regulatory framework (data protection)