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Dynamic, trend-savvy, with a knack for smart marketing … but enough about you – who is CURE?

CURE Intelligence – this is by no means an imperative. Rather, it is synonymous with your partner in analytics and data-driven, smart marketing.

Founded in Luxembourg in 2009 and expanded to Germany in 2021 with the establishment of CURE Intelligence GmbH, our company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for customer needs in the field of marketing and data intelligence.

Online veteran or digital native – our young, interdisciplinary, and international team speaks Web 3.0 fluently and is on the edge of the latest developments. We believe in individual responsibility and self-efficacy. We never pursue expertise for expertise’s sake, but are driven to continuously develop ourselves and our company on a daily basis – for the best customer experience, for the best customer relationship management.

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Our Team

Marco Feiten

Managing Director

Your contact for services and cooperations.

Marco has been managing the company’s fortunes as a partner and managing director since the company was founded. After studying business administration, he first worked in the management of an asset manager. He then worked as a business development manager for a large bank in Luxembourg, where he contributed to the expansion of the international business. In 2009, Marco finally moved to the newly founded CURE S.A., where he was responsible for building up the social media monitoring and marketing divisions.

Marco appreciates inspirational films, enjoys progressive trance and house music, likes to use lunch breaks for running and is interested in biographies, psychology and new technologies.

Christina Hans

Head of Finance & Accounting

Your contact for finance and accounting.

Christina already worked as a freelancer for CURE while she was still a student before becoming a permanent employee in 2015. In addition to her work as a Senior Social Media Analyst, she focuses on accounting and corporate controlling. Over the years, she has mainly supported and driven client projects from the asset industry in the areas of media monitoring and analysis.

After work, Christina combines her two great passions – animals and outdoor sports – with horseback rides.

Levi Távora Veiga

Managing Director

Your contact for services and cooperations.

Levi is Managing Director of CURE and contributes significantly to successful client relationships through active dialogue internally and externally. Levi has led the Data Intelligence & Reporting division for many years. With his passion for data and its processing, he has developed a deep knowledge in the field of data analytics. Together with CURE’s Operations Excellence team, he helps clients achieve effective customised solutions. Levi is also our brain in the area of tool selection and brings his knowledge and experience to diverse customer projects. 

In his free time, the native Brazilian loves to engage in all kinds of sports – and yes, you guessed it, soccer is one of them.

Marisa Fassbender

Head of Marketing & Communications

Your contact for social media marketing, online marketing, and design tasks.

Marisa is the brains behind CURE’s design language. Her passion for both design and marketing resulted in her training as a media designer before receiving a degree in media science and art history.

After several years of working in agencies, she joined CURE in 2018 as Online Marketing & Communications Manager and was responsible for our clients in the areas of social media and online marketing, as well as design and analytics tasks. Since 2021, she has led the CURE marketing team and in this role manages CURE’s own marketing and campaigns for our clients.

In her spare time, the music lover collects vinyl, visits concerts and enjoys travelling.

Prof. Dr. Martin Vogt

Equity Partner & Scientific Advisor

Your contact for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Prof. Dr. Martin Vogt, FRM, is CURE’s Scientific Advisor and external Director. As Professor for Business Intelligence, especially Advanced Analytics at Trier University of Applied Sciences’ Faculty of Economics, his research and teaching centres around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. His research has been published in international journals and received numerous renowned awards. Martin studied applied mathematics with a focus on economics (with distinction) and subsequently earned his doctorate (with distinction) in Data Science. Before becoming a university lecturer, he worked in various positions in the financial sector for several years. Come off-time, the avid beekeeper enjoys travelling and table tennis.

Klarissa Henkelmann

Head of Operations & Service Excellence

Your contact for Media & Marketing Intelligence Services.

Before joining the Luxembourg team as a media analyst in the summer of 2018, the graduate of business administration worked as a marketing manager for an event management service provider. As an experienced media analyst and marketing manager, she supported clients at CURE in the area of data-driven marketing. Since 2023, as Head of Operations & Service Excellence, she has been responsible for the management and strategic direction of operational business processes and the continuous improvement of operational processes in the CURE Group. In addition to a team-oriented working environment, a service-oriented corporate culture is always at the center of her work.

Klarissa enjoys team cooking during lunch breaks and volunteers for a youth club in her spare time.

Sebastian Peter

Prototyping Expert

Your contact for data collection and data processing.

Sebastian has been part of CURE since 2016. His focus lies within Data Intelligence & Reporting, where he is responsible for collecting, processing and visualising large amounts of data. His programming know-how and web development skills come to particular fruition in the context of project setups, analysis, KPI development, tool testing, interface control, automation and customer support.

Away from CURE, the ardent gamer is currently putting his fervour for data and programming into practice, learning about Data Science by private study, and specialising in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Markus Kühn

Senior Media Analyst

Your contact for monitoring, reporting and customer service.

Markus joined CURE in 2012 and has since been involved in a variety of areas and projects. As a social media analyst, his current focus is on monitoring, reporting and customer service. Before joining CURE, the trained banker worked for Sparkasse Trier in media sales.

Markus is also our man with a meme for every occasion and was promoted to ranking company legend by the team for his famous lasagna. Away from work, he enjoys playing soccer with friends on weekends.

Verena Gorges

Manager Accounting & Administration

Our expert for accounting and administration.

Verena has been with CURE since 2015. As a graduate in business administration, the trained banker worked in accounting at a major bank in Luxembourg, before joining the team in Grevenmacher as a Social Media Analyst. While her main emphasis initially was on Monitoring and Reporting, she has now shifted her focus to Controlling.

Verena is married and a mother of two. In her spare time she enjoys hiking through the Mosel and Hunsrück regions, and – as a film buff – rejoices in the prospect of evenings at the cinema.

Annabelle Neuner Portrait Foto

Annabelle Neuner

Team Lead Media Intelligence

Your contact for media analysis.

Annabelle joined the CURE team in spring 2021. During her Master’s degree in International Management, she has already gained marketing experience in various sectors, such as Industry, Research and Finance. Her affinity for numbers and data now serves her well in her role as Media Analyst at CURE.

Since childhood, Annabelle has been an avid handball player and trains and plays together with her team several times a week. In addition to indoor sports, her hobbies include going to concerts and hiking.

Artur Galiev

Senior Technical Solutions Engineer

Your contact for data analytics and data science.

Artur has been part of the team since March 2020. The business informatics specialist found his way to CURE Intelligence during his studies as part of an internship and has since supported the Data Intelligence & Reporting team with his comprehensive know-how in the field of data science. In addition to the analysis of data, pattern recognition and predictive analytics with machine learning algorithms, his field of activity also includes the creation of dashboards and reports. Away from the office, the music and series lover can be found outdoors if the sun is shining, preferably on his skateboard.

Annemarie Hopf

Senior Manager Online Marketing & Communications

Your contact for marketing, communications and everything written.

Already during her studies in literature and linguistics, Annemarie found her passion for good content and the exciting possibilities around the topic of online marketing. She finally found her way to CURE via an internship at the end of 2020 and now supports the team in the areas of communication and marketing. In addition to the transparent communication, she particularly appreciates the warm, idea-filled atmosphere in the team.

Annemarie enjoys spending her free time with friends, relaxing with a good book or enjoying the first rays of sunshine during a morning swim in summer. She also loves travelling to the sea.

Dr. Joscha Krause

Head of Analytics & Insights

Your contact for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Joscha has been part of CURE since 2021. He is an expert in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. After studying statistics and economics, he earned his PhD in Data Science and was part of a research group on algorithmic optimization. Joscha is the author of numerous research papers, which have been published in international journals. He also gives lectures on statistics and data science. 

Outside of work, Joscha keeps fit with kickboxing and Muay Thai. He is also a passionate gamer, musician and movie fan.

Julia Temmes

Team Lead Online Marketing Services

Your contact for online marketing.

Before joining CURE, Julia worked as a marketing manager for an IT consultancy and discovered there her passion for online marketing and advertising. As one of our newest employees, she creates online marketing reports for our clients and advises them on how to implement online marketing strategies. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with friends and family and discovering new cultures from a variety of countries.

Mitarbeiter Timo Lauer

Timo Lauer

Support IT/HR

Your contact person for technical support and HR.

Before Timo joined CURE at the beginning of 2021, the trained information electronics technician worked for several years as an office administrator and personnel dispatcher after starting his studies in computer science. During his training and studies, he already gained extensive experience in the field of IT customer service, which he can now optimally use at CURE as an internal contact person for the solution of any technical problems.

When the enthusiastic gamer’s PC is not in use, Timo enjoys cycling through the local area in his spare time and takes care of his private sci-fi and fantasy library.

Karolin Anders

“Customer Success Lead Marketing & Media Intelligence

Your contact for online marketing and media analysis.

Karolin joined CURE Intelligence in 2021. Previously, her fascination with the English language led her to work in a various field. In her academic career, Karolin focused on sociolinguistics and translation studies. Professionally, she gained experience as an Assistant Sports Editor and Marketing & Events as well as Project Coordinator. During this time, she discovered her passion for online marketing and analyses. At CURE, she now combines her enthusiasm for language, marketing and data.

Karolin enjoys following major sporting events and likes to spend her time doing various sporting activities or attending different events.

Bettina Boost

Media Analyst

Your contact for monitoring and media analysis.

Before joining CURE, Bettina worked in the area of video on demand at a German private broadcaster in Cologne. Before that, she worked as a Marketing Manager at an event management service provider, where she was responsible for the conception and implementation of marketing measures on- and offline.

Since March 2022, she has been part of the CURE team as a Web & Social Media Analyst.

She enjoys her free time with her family and her little son, she loves traveling and cooking together with friends.

Karol Walter

Data Engineer

Your contact person for data engineering & data analytics.

Karol joined CURE in March 2022 after graduating with a degree in Information Systems. As part of the Data Intelligence & Reporting team, he is responsible for all aspects of data. Among other things, he works with databases, interfaces and processes for the transfer and visualization of data.

Karol finds his balance outside of work with various sports and outdoor activities. On weekends, he is usually out and about on his bike and likes to go on extended tours. Away from sports, he appreciates good food, music and series.

Katharina Schmidt

Creative Manager Online Marketing & Communications

Your contact for video production and design tasks.

Before joining CURE Intelligence, Katharina worked in a film agency as a visual artist on numerous video productions, from explanatory videos to large TV spots. From creative storytelling concepts to video editing and 2D/3D animation, she realises our clients’ moving image needs.

In addition to her passion for film and design, she enjoys sports and being out in nature with her dog in her free time.

Samantha Kohll

Manager Online Marketing & Communications

Your contact for online marketing tasks.

Samantha interned at CURE after completing her International Business degree, where her passion for marketing developed. After her internship, she was able to gain two years of experience in the entire marketing area in an industrial company and found her way back to CURE in March 2023.

She manages CURE’s own marketing and contributes to client projects.
Samantha loves traveling and seeing different cultures. Besides sports and her daily walks during lunch break, she values spending time with friends and families.

Felix Viroli

Data Scientist

Your contact person for data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As a dedicated Data Scientist at CURE Intelligence, Felix is responsible for developing innovative solutions in the fields of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Felix‘ expertise in quantitative research is backed by a Master’s degree in Statistics and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

When he is not delving into complex datasets, Felix enjoys competing in computer games and taking leisurely strolls with his dog through picturesque vineyards.

Marie-Sophie Sonntag

Media Analyst

Your contact person for monitoring and media analysis.

Before becoming a permanent employee at CURE in 2022, her interest in the marketing field was already quickly awakened as an intern and freelancer for CURE.
Now she is part of the media analyst team and is responsible for gathering data and also supports in the areas of monitoring and reporting.

Since her childhood she has been active as a dancer as well as a trainer in a carnival club. Besides the weekly training sessions in a tournament guard, she likes to give free rein to her creativity by printing and embroidering textiles or enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Tamara Holper

Content Marketing Specialist

Your contact for design tasks and video production.

Before Tamara joined CURE in June 2023, the communication design graduate worked in the marketing department of a car dealership, where her passion for online media in particular was awakened. At CURE, Tamara supports our clients in the Design & Video department with the visualization of their individual content.

When the globetrotter is not exploring faraway countries, she also likes to let off steam creatively on various photography or DIY projects in her private life. She is also passionate about concerts, gaming and series.

Emily Reuter

Media Analyst

Your contact person for monitoring and media analysis.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Psychology, she decided to pursue the Tricontinental Master’s in Global Studies. Before she went to Mexico and Taiwan for one semester each, she completed a voluntary internship at CURE. Since then, she has been part of the media analyst team as a working student, supporting in the areas of monitoring and reporting. She likes to spend her free time at concerts and festivals, with friends or traveling.

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