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Dynamic, trend-savvy, with a knack for smart marketing … but enough about you – who is CURE?

CURE Intelligence – this is by no means an imperative. Rather, it is synonymous with your partner in analytics and data-driven, smart marketing. Founded in 2009 in Luxembourg, our company has since developed a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for customer needs in the field of Web & Social Media Marketing.

Online veteran or digital native – our young, interdisciplinary, and international team speaks Web 3.0 fluently and is on the edge of the latest developments. We believe in individual responsibility and self-efficacy. We never pursue expertise for expertise’s sake, but are driven to continuously develop ourselves and our company on a daily basis – for the best customer experience, for the best customer relationship management.

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Marco Feiten

Managing Director

Your contact for services and cooperations.

Marco has been managing the company’s fortunes as a partner and managing director since the company was founded. After studying business administration, he first worked in the management of an asset manager. He then worked as a business development manager for a large bank in Luxembourg, where he contributed to the expansion of the international business. In 2009, Marco finally moved to the newly founded CURE S.A., where he was responsible for building up the social media monitoring and marketing divisions. 

Marco appreciates inspirational films, enjoys progressive trance and house music, likes to use lunch breaks for running and is interested in biographies, psychology and new technologies.

Philip Esseln

Manager Marketing & Communications

Your contact for marketing, communications and everything written.

Philip has been supporting the team since the beginning of 2019. After studying History and English in Trier and Oxford, he first worked in the field of strategic and communications consulting in Frankfurt before returning to his home region. At CURE, he works at the intersection of marketing and communications, and is also the go-to person for all things written.

In addition to a fondness for books and concerts, Philip also indulges in sports in his spare time, a recent (and rather surprising) discovery.

Christina Hans

Senior Media Analyst

Your contact for media monitoring and analysis.

Christina already worked as a freelancer for CURE while she was still a student before becoming a permanent employee in 2015. In addition to her work as a Senior Social Media Analyst, she focuses on accounting and corporate controlling. Over the years, she has mainly supported and driven client projects from the asset industry in the areas of media monitoring and analysis.

After work, Christina combines her two great passions – animals and outdoor sports – with horseback rides.

Levi Távora Veiga

Managing Director

Your contact for data intelligence and reporting.

Levi is Managing Director of CURE and contributes significantly to successful client relationships through active dialogue internally and externally. Levi has led the Data Intelligence & Reporting division for many years. With his passion for data and its processing, he has developed a deep knowledge in the field of data analytics. Together with his team, he helps clients achieve effective customised solutions. Levi is also our brain in the area of tool selection and brings his knowledge and experience to diverse customer projects. 

In his free time, the native Brazilian loves to engage in all kinds of sports – and yes, you guessed it, soccer is one of them.

Marisa Kirchen

Manager Marketing & Communications

Your contact for social media marketing, online marketing, and design tasks.

Marisa is the brains behind CURE’s design language. Her passion for both design and language resulted in her training as a media designer before receiving a degree in media science and art history. After several years of working in agencies, she joined CURE in 2018 as Online Marketing & Communications Manager. As such, she has since been responsible for our clients in the areas of social media and online marketing and is in charge of creating design tasks and campaigns.

In her spare time, the music lover collects old rock vinyl and enjoys travelling.

Prof. Dr. Martin Vogt

Equity Partner & Scientific Advisor

Your contact for artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Prof. Dr. Martin Vogt, FRM, is CURE’s Scientific Advisor and external Director. As Professor for Business Intelligence, especially Advanced Analytics at Trier University of Applied Sciences’ Faculty of Economics, his research and teaching centres around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. His research has been published in international journals and received numerous renowned awards. Martin studied applied mathematics with a focus on economics (with distinction) and subsequently earned his doctorate (with distinction) in Data Science. Before becoming a university lecturer, he worked in various positions in the financial sector for several years. Come off-time, the avid beekeeper enjoys travelling and table tennis.

Sophia Wengler

Manager Marketing & Communications

Your contact for content marketing.

While still pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in sociology, Sophia first joined CURE through an internship, further strengthening her already pronounced interest in classical and social media as well as the metrics that go along with them. Since September 2020, she has been actively supporting the team as Junior Online & Marketing Manager, while at the same time completing a Master’s degree in Economic Sociology at the University of Trier.

Work and uni allowing, she likes to spend her time off going to the gym or spending time with friends and family.

Sebastian Peter

Manager Data Intelligence & Reporting

Your contact for data collection and data processing.

Sebastian has been part of CURE since 2016. His focus lies within Data Intelligence & Reporting, where he is responsible for collecting, processing and visualising large amounts of data. His programming know-how and web development skills come to particular fruition in the context of project setups, analysis, KPI development, tool testing, interface control, automation and customer support.

Away from CURE, the ardent gamer is currently putting his fervour for data and programming into practice, learning about Data Science by private study, and specialising in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Klarissa Henkelmann

Manager Marketing & Communications

Your contact for online marketing and advertising.

Klarissa is CURE’s online marketing and advertising specialist. Before joining the Grevenmacher team in the summer of 2018, the business administration graduate worked as a marketing manager for an event management firm, where she was responsible for the planning, implementing and controlling marketing measures both online and offline. At CURE, she creates performance analyses and reports as well as marketing campaigns for our clients.

Klarissa enjoys team cooking during lunch breaks and volunteers for a youth club in her spare time.

Markus Kühn

Senior Media Analyst

Your contact for monitoring, reporting and customer service.

Markus joined CURE in 2012 and has since been involved in a variety of areas and projects. As a social media analyst, his current focus is on monitoring, reporting and customer service. Before joining CURE, the trained banker worked for Sparkasse Trier in media sales.

Markus is also our man with a meme for every occasion and was promoted to ranking company legend by the team for his famous lasagna. Away from work, he enjoys playing soccer with friends on weekends.

Katharina Veit

Manager Operations & HR

Your contact for your career at CURE.

Katharina has been part of the CURE team since 2017 and is responsible for the planning of operations as well as personnel matters. As a social media analyst, she uses the knowledge acquired in her studies of journalism (BA) and communications (MA) on the use, impact and research of mass media to create and advance performance analyses.

Katharina’s interests are as varied as her field of work and cover a spectrum ranging from travel, both theatre and concert visits all the way to hiking.

Verena Gorges

Senior Media Analyst

Our expert for media analysis and controlling.

Verena has been with CURE since 2015. As a graduate in business administration, the trained banker worked in accounting at a major bank in Luxembourg, before joining the team in Grevenmacher as a Social Media Analyst. While her main emphasis initially was on Monitoring and Reporting, she has now shifted her focus to Controlling as well as Data Intelligence & Reporting.

Verena is married and a mother of two. In her spare time she enjoys hiking through the Mosel and Hunsrück regions, and – as a film buff – rejoices in the prospect of evenings at the cinema.

Artur Galiev

Manager Data Intelligence & Reporting

Your contact for data analytics and data science.

Artur is the latest addition to our team. During his studies, the business information major came to CURE as an intern, and quickly developed a liking for customer-oriented project work. A retail salesman by trade, customer proximity is a top priority for Artur, quoting Tony Alessandra: “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.“ Joining in March 2020, the passionate gamer supports the Data Intelligence & Reporting team in Grevenmacher with his data science expertise. When away from his computer in his spare time, and the weather is just about right, Artur can often be seen skateboarding.

Philip Haberstroh

Director Marketing & Communications

Your contact for marketing and creative solutions.

Philip is the creative mind behind CURE’s brand language. Whether it’s building a new web presence from scratch, developing new design concepts for analyses or even composing a jingle – not a problem for the trained sound engineer. After a brief stint in the music industry, Philip joined CURE in 2011 as a Web & Social Media Analyst and subsequently acquired a degree in business administration at the Free University Berlin. In addition to business development, he has since been responsible for operations, product development, customer service and CURE’s strategic reorientation. Lately, his focus has been on business development and marketing. After hours, Philip is the drummer for a Freiburg band and also releases his own music.


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