Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Social Media Monitoring
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Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Social Media Monitoring

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On September 4, 1998, almost 25 years ago, Google was founded. Before that, the Internet could not be searched at that level, and the word “google” that we now take for granted did not exist. About 17 years ago, in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and its corresponding touchscreen display. Earlier mobile phone keyboards were small, which made text entry difficult. Because of this, there were almost no apps on the phone, no camera, no social media, no WhatsApp (founded in 2009), no payment features, and no email. What seems like a bygone era to us today was just 16-25 years ago. Justin Trudeau’s quote “The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again” impressively sums up the rapid development of progress.

CURE Intelligence Smartphones early 2000s
Phones in the early 2000s


AI – The Next Technological Revolution

At the end of 2022, with the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI, the next technological revolution after Google and smartphones will enter everyday life: artificial intelligence (AI). The rapid ascent of AI is accompanied by numerous key technologies and data that are “ready” at the same time: Sensors enable technical objects such as light bulbs or water pipes to measure data such as temperature, water pressure or vibration. High-speed internet transmits the data to the cloud, and cloud computing paired with artificial intelligence can make any of these objects appear smart. The combination of advanced technologies with big data heralds further leaps in technology, in line with Justin Trudeau’s quote above.

Therefore, it is even more important for companies to innovate, monitor current issues and integrate new technologies into their business strategy. In doing so, it is important to understand that competitors do not only come from within their own sector. For example, Apple has risen to become the biggest watchmaker in the world in a very short time. Companies like CURE Intelligence are aware of this and are responding to this trend through various proactive measures: new technologies are actively discussed at every board meeting and integrated into strategies. CURE Intelligence cooperates with various research institutes, universities and colleges in Luxembourg and Germany through several research projects and finally CURE Intelligence offers its clients media monitoring of new technologies on the web.

Language model ChatGPT vs. artificial intelligence

In the following, two trends are given as examples: First, the ChatGPT language model, and second, tools that integrate artificial intelligence into images and videos, such as myPipio, TikTok Filter, or DALL∙E 2.

ChatGPT is a stochastic language model that enables human-like communication. A stochastic language model does not attempt to recreate grammar rules, i.e. “a subject is followed by a predicate, then an object”. Instead, in simplified terms, an attempt is made to predict the following word via probabilities, as in a cloze. For example, the word “social” is more likely to be followed by the word “media” than by “grottoolm. Training a language model requires a very large amount of data (available from social media and the Internet, as mentioned above). It is important to understand that ChatGPT is a language model, not a reference work. For example, the ChatGPT database was shut down around 2021. The first version of ChatGPT ran on the GPT 3.5 language model and has already attracted a lot of media attention. With the introduction of the subsequent GPT 4 language model in March 2023, the quality has once again improved significantly. Overall, ChatGPT can influence numerous business models and departments of companies. As an example, marketing and IT (programming) are mentioned here.

Artificial Intelligence with TikTok-Filter, myPipio and DALL∙E 2

In addition to speech models, artificial intelligences that incorporate videos or images, such as TikTok filters, myPipio or DALL∙E 2, are coming into focus. Bold Glamour, for example, is a beauty filter that simulates a range of conventionally attractive features (thinner nose, more pronounced jawline, fuller lips) and makeup techniques (smooth skin, full eyebrows, contouring). Countless creators have already used this filter in their videos, and it’s probably the most realistic filter yet launched on a social media platform.

Viral TikTok Filter
Source: YouTube


Pipio is a text-to-video platform that allows users to create personalized video content with realistic AI avatars. Now you can cast videos with photo-realistic virtual actors and voice actors. All that’s required is a custom script. With human-like AI-controlled avatars from different age groups, ethics, and genders now contribute to video creation.

Pipio Ai
Source: YouTube


The AI image generator DALL∙E 2 creates images and artworks based on descriptions in everyday language. This can be anything: cats in space, for example, or an otter playing billiards. DALL∙E 2 then offers four different results from which you can choose your favorite. The user can choose between different styles: Photography, 3D rendering, oil painting or even imitating the aesthetics of a well-known artist.

Dall e 2
Source: YouTube


The future of AI for business

The implications of such technologies are manifold: On the one hand, marketing companies will take up such tools, on the other hand, it will become increasingly important to filter information correctly and to recognize the “truth”. In addition, in connection with ChatGPT, there are numerous other and far-reaching questions, such as the influence on opinion formation. With SOpinion, CURE Intelligence offers its customers a product that has been created precisely for this purpose and for which the data basis has been checked and selected beforehand.

Overall, we are living in a very exciting time full of technological developments and breakthroughs. Companies and societies need to adapt to this and integrate such tools into their strategies where appropriate. CURE Intelligence can help to get the appropriate information for this by an appropriate media screening.

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