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Content creation for social media – TikTok

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TikTok is now the most frequently installed app, making it impossible to imagine smartphones without it. The social networking app, which made its international market debut in 2017, has since gained about 1.5 billion active users. Compared to other established social media platforms, which usually took 4-6 years to reach the billion mark, TikTok managed to do so in an astonishingly short 3 years. In addition, no other platform has seen more content downloaded in the last two years than TikTok.

90% of users open the app daily and spend an average of 95 minutes per day on the video platform. The 18 to 24 age group is particularly well represented, accounting for more than half of the users who post content there.

As the leading mobile short video platform, here not only individuals and influencers but also brands of any size and industry can increase their visibility and reach their target groups worldwide through creative video content.

What makes the content format so special?

Unlike other apps, TikTok focuses on just one format – short videos. Meanwhile, these can even reach a length of up to 10 minutes, with the optimal duration being 9-15 seconds according to experts. TikTok offers plenty of addictive potential: all areas of interest are catered for there, whether it’s hobby gardening, digital games, stamp collecting or crocheting. And that is exactly the reason why it is so difficult to close the app again – an initial 5 minutes can quickly turn into 30 or even 60 minutes.

urthermore, the usage of the app in general is designed to be extremely user-friendly. The profile view is clear and inviting. In addition to well-known key indicators such as likes or followers, the number of people who have seen a particular TikTok video is displayed at first glance without having to click on the individual video.

Recording a video is also straightforward; the view is self-explanatory. Menu bars at the bottom of the screen and on the right side of the page let you select various settings that both streamline and facilitate content creation. Ease of use is a major contributor to the platform’s continued popularity, making it an ideal choice for creating effective promotional content.

Example for a TikTok Channel from aldisued


9 Tips for your TikTok success

There are some principles that should be followed in order to achieve successful marketing on TikTok as a business.

1. Understand TikTok culture

Before you start content creation, it is important to understand the culture and dynamics of the TikTok platform. TikTok is known for its casual and fun atmosphere. Users value originality, creativity, and authenticity. Make sure your content matches these characteristics.

2. Define target group

The first and most important step is to identify and analyze your target audience on TikTok. It is important to find out what the community likes and responds to.

3. Upload regularly

It is also necessary to produce new content regularly and not to neglect the account. Only by constantly publishing new content can a community be built and the reach increased.

4. Creativity is Key in Content Creation

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to creating a video. To run successful campaigns as a business, it’s crucial to make the content as original as possible. Humorous videos, for example, are a popular way to create buzz and increase engagement. Even industries such as banks or mobile operators use sarcastic and humorous videos to attract the attention of users, entertain them and, at best, get a like or a follow.

5. Arouse emotions

Emotional content has a special impact on TikTok. Whether it’s humor, honesty, compassion, or enthusiasm, content that appeals to emotions tends to generate a greater response from the target audience.

6. Use effects

The use of various effects can also be purposeful. Simple background music or GIFs can make the content more original and are currently very common and popular.

Example of a TikTok Channel from o2 and Emser

It is also possible, for example, to use hashtags or participate in hashtag challenges. This takes users to the “Discover page,” where videos for the respective hashtags are displayed for all users. In this way, people can also be reached who were previously unaware of the brand or did not specifically search for it. In addition, reactions or duets offer the opportunity to diversify the content and build a more personal relationship with the users.

7. Observe trends

In general, it can be helpful to follow current trends and keep up with them. However, you should always keep your own brand image in mind and not follow every possible trend that may not be relevant to your brand.

8. Engage the community

Interaction is key on TikTok. Invite your viewers to take actions such as likes, comments, and shares. Respond to comments and messages to build an active community around your brand.

9. Analyze and adjust

Track the performance of your videos to see what content is performing best. Adjust your strategy accordingly to continuously improve.

It should generally be taken into account that TikTok users tend to scroll through their feeds very quickly. Therefore, the beginning of the short videos is particularly crucial and should be designed in an exciting way to arouse interest.

Another advantage of TikTok video creation is that they can be easily shared on other platforms, such as Instagram. This enables a broader distribution of the individual videos and can at the same time draw attention to one’s own TikTok channel.


CONCLUSION: TikTok as an efficient, beneficial tool for your company

The unique form design of TikTok provides an excellent opportunity to create valuable content and increase brand reach. The design of the app compared to other platforms is definitely a standout and contributes to its universal popularity.

Overall, TikTok offers businesses an exciting opportunity to create creative content and connect with a younger audience. By understanding the platform’s culture, capitalizing on trends, experimenting creatively, and sharing authentic messages, you can increase your brand’s TikTok success.

Do you already have one or two social media channels in your sights and need customized content for them? Feel free to contact us!


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