Instagram-Threads: What is the Added Value?
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Instagram-Threads: What is the Added Value?

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Have you already heard of Threads, the new messaging app from Instagram? The app was developed to share text-based messages and exchange information with other users. More and more people are using the new Instagram app to share their thoughts, news and interests with their community. We summarize the most important information about the new platform.

What does Instagram Threads offer?

Instagram Threads was developed by Meta and relaunched on the market last year. The platform’s concept has clear similarities with ๐• (formerly Twitter) and is therefore seen as ๐•’s biggest rival. As the short messaging service is currently undergoing a less than positive transformation at the hands of Elon Musk, Threads could provide competition for the ๐• channel. The question we are asking ourselves: Is this just short-term hype or could the new platform actually catch on in the long term? We take a look at the content and benefits:

1.ย ย ย ย  Registration

The focus of the new app is on a direct exchange with users, influencers and companies across different countries. Signing up is very simple: you can log in to Threads directly via your Instagram account. If you don’t have an Instagram account or don’t want to sign up via the app, the functions are unfortunately limited. You can neither follow a channel nor interact with other users.

Login to Instagram Threads
Login to Instagram Threads


As easy as it is to sign up, however, you are tied to Instagram itself. The user name is automatically adopted by Instagram and can no longer be changed. However, it is possible to add a different bio and other links if you do not want to import them from Instagram. However, if you want to transfer the same information and follow the same accounts as on Instagram, this is extremely simple.

2. ย ย ย  Postings

Similar to ๐•, you can publish text posts with a maximum of 500 characters in threads. The character limit exceeds that of ๐•, where only 280 characters are allowed for non-paying customers. In addition, you can publish links, photos and videos with a maximum length of 5 minutes in threads. These and other posts can be shared in parallel via Instagram story and spread via direct message. You can also use links to send the posts to people who do not have an account.

In addition to simple registration, the direct linking of the two apps was also taken into account, which can offer the platform a great deal of growth. Whether an Instagram user has a Threads account can be seen directly in the Instagram bio (@channel name). This is linked so that it is possible to switch flexibly between the two platforms.

Instagram threads posts and Instagram bio
Instagram threads posts and Instagram bio

3.ย ย ย ย  Feed

Similar to Instagram, your feed in Threads consists of posts from accounts that you follow, as well as posts from accounts that the algorithm suggests might be of interest to you. You can reply and react to these – but only if you are logged in. It is assumed that the algorithm is based on how active a user is on the platform. If a user comments or shares a lot of content, it will also appear more often in their followers’ feeds and increase their visibility. The extent to which this also influences non-organic visibility has not yet been proven. However, it is important to note that active use of the platform is crucial if a high level of reach and engagement is to be achieved.

4.ย ย ย ย  Tags and Links

Unlike Instagram, Threads offers the option of using tags (topics). Only one tag can be stored per message. If a person clicks on the tag, they are taken to an overview page, comparable to a hashtag search. In contrast to Instagram, it is also possible to share links here. This allows you to link directly to the website or blog to generate more website traffic.

5.ย ย ย ย  Content and guidelines

The same guidelines apply as for Instagram: Hate content or insults are not allowed. According to Meta, Threads is intended to become a place for positive and productive discussions, as was originally the case with ๐•. All in all, the new platform is a mix of ๐• and Instagram.

Is the new platform worthwhile?

According to recent statistics from Statista, the number of Instagram users in 2023 was 2 billion and only 556 million on ๐•. Instagram already offers a very good basis for the growth of the new app. You may have noticed that various threads posts are displayed and linked in the Instagram feed – this is how Instagram actively draws attention to threads.

Social media user numbers 2023
Social media user numbers 2023


Between December 3 and 9, 2023, Threads recorded 5.9 million active users in the USA, while Japan recorded around 2.1 million. India had by far the most app downloads in the first week of the launch: 54.2 million users downloaded the app. According to T3N, the total number of users in December 2023 was 140 million. Threads became available in Germany in mid-December and currently has around 874,000 active users.

But can Threads replace ๐•? Several critics do not see Threads as competition for ๐•, as many ๐• users already switched to Bluesky last summer. Bluesky offers a very good alternative to ๐•, as it deals with political topics in particular. According to Instagram boss Adam Mosseri, no political topics should appear on Threads. The focus here should be exclusively on sports, music, fashion, beauty and entertainment. A key advantage of Threads over Bluesky is that Meta’s X alternative enables open registration without an invitation, which promotes faster growth. Threads also scores points with another promise from Mark Zuckerberg: Threads is currently 100% ad-free. This will only change when Threads reaches one billion users, which could still take some time.

Can Threads establish itself as a new platform in the long term? The ability to communicate quickly and productively with other users without advertising and hate comments (provided the guidelines are effectively monitored, as announced) speaks in favor of this. The direct link between Instagram and Threads is also an advantage – via the bio, sharing stories and taking over Instagram info. With its 2 billion active users, Instagram itself has a very good chance of creating a new, large community on Threads. However, there are also arguments against the long-term establishment of threads. Instagram users act in a fundamentally different way to ๐•-users. They want to consume content and, above all, view visually appealing images and videos. With ๐•, on the other hand, users want to exchange ideas and quickly spread news that is no longer relevant the next day. Whether this user group is also on Instagram and therefore adopts threads should be viewed rather critically. It remains to be seen whether the platform will really establish itself in the long term.

Conclusion: Thread's growth is still expandable

At first glance, the short message app appears to be a good alternative to ๐•. However, what is currently still missing are the high user numbers and productive discussions that existed in the heyday of ๐•. As the app has only just been launched on the European market, we will continue to monitor its development. In general, the platform should be viewed critically, as it offers hardly any obvious added value compared to Instagram or ๐•. Users either want to exchange views on critical topics, which are not supposed to exist on Threads, or they want to be bombarded by content and simply consume it.

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