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YouTube Marketing for your business

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You can imagine the scenario: You are looking for a new smartphone and instead of running to a store and getting advice there, you first look at a few reviews of different models on YouTube.


This example shows that YouTube is not just for entertainment, but also functions as a search engine and plays an important role in purchasing decisions today. And not only for Generation Z. More than other social media, YouTube represents the complete demographic range, so that every company can reach the desired target group.

YouTube demography overview
YouTube demography overview

Build a youtube channel

On platforms such as Instagram and the like, only the most recent post is usually considered relevant. With YouTube videos, on the other hand, videos that are several years old can still be displayed or searched for on the homepage. Your budget invested in content creation is therefore invested for the long term. Sounds interesting to you? If you want to start building a YouTube channel, you should consider the following important points:

1. Number of channels

Consider in advance whether a single channel is sufficient for your business. For a subscriber of your channel, all published videos should always be interesting. Therefore, it may make sense to create a “corporate channel” for publishing commercials and product announcements and a second “content channel” filled with entertainment or knowledge videos that strengthen the brand’s image.

Example of a channel split using the Thermomix brand:

Thermomix YouTube Channels
Thermomix Germany – YouTube Channels

2. Content Strategy

The right content strategy is also important to reach the target audience and build a long-term community. Therefore, your channel should be composed of Help, Hub and Hero content.

Help content is content that viewers are specifically looking for because they have questions about your products or services. This includes, for example, tutorials, application tips or buying advice, e.g. by comparing different product models.

Hub content is aimed at your channel’s subscribers. The videos should appear in recurring formats, for example once a week, and thus give fans a reason to remain a permanent subscriber to your YouTube channel.

Hero content, on the other hand, is used more selectively and like a campaign. Structured like commercials, this content is intended to appeal to new people and cause a stir. Topics could be a product launch or major events, for example.

Graphic Help Hub Hero

3. Community Management

As on all social media platforms, community management is also of great importance on YouTube. Responding to comments, answering questions – in this way, viewers are addressed on a personal level and a basis of trust is built up at the same time, since in the best case, the needs of the viewers are addressed.


A YouTube channel is a great way to reach a wide target audience. You can use the videos to present your products or services and strengthen the image of your company.

However, in order to plan and produce high-quality videos, sufficient time and resources are of course required. Building a successful YouTube channel usually doesn’t happen overnight, but can take a while.

So, overall, it can be said that a YouTube channel can be a very good way for businesses to increase visibility and reach potential customers if enough time and resources are available.

Of course, there are other ways to use this platform for your business without having to build an active channel. For example, with YouTube ads or through collaborations with influencers.

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