“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.”

This quote by W. Edwards Deming expresses our core philosophy: There can be no “strategy” without numbers, data, or facts. However, the sentence also works the other way round: “Without a strategy, you are just another person with data.” Effective interaction is crucial. For that, CURE Intelligence relies on your internal as well as external data in strategic consulting, internalises your positioning and adds expertise to the mix. The result is a holistic, effective, and easy-to-apply strategy.

Social Media Strategy

Our focus is on online strategy, especially in social media. We set up a suitable strategy for you or your business. We determine the status quo, analyse your competitors, and draw up an effective strategy for branding, communications, or sales – this includes reviewing and optimising your existing strategy. Where do you see yourself, and how can we help?

Buyer Personas

A buyer persona – unlike a target group – has a face, as in a real face. Nevertheless, is a “fictitious person” representing your typical customer. This makes it easier for you to better understand the needs, challenges, and actions of your ideal customer and how to improve your media approach.

We generate personas from social media data for you and, if necessary, can use your internal data (from online shops, newsletters, website analytics, surveys etc.) to create a reliable overall picture. Do you know your typical customer? Maybe, maybe not – in any way, let us take care of this for you!

Content Strategy

What content is effective, which not so much? When, where and how often should I post?

Our analysis tools allow us to look at your competitors, taking into account your resources, your strategic objectives as well as your general environment. From this we derive a highly effective content strategy for you.

Measuring, evaluating, and optimising is of course an integral part – because this is what CURE Intelligence stands for.

Guidelines & Policy

We are happy to help you create effective guidelines to fit your corporate culture. Not convinced yet? There are many good reasons for social media guidelines when it comes to:

  • Avoiding mistakes
  • Limiting risks
  • Informing employees
  • Creating security
  • Showing limits
  • Encouraging social media engagement
  • Legal protection
  • Limiting reputational risks
  • Improving the quality of contributions and image building
  • Improving the customer approach/dialogue

Ready to take off? Feel free to contact us!

Workshop Channel Strategy

  • Determination of the status quo and competitor positioning analysis (channels, content, influencers, employees, organisational anchoring, KPIs etc.)
  • Workshop implementation
  • Presentation of significant medium and long-term social media trends
  • Assessment of the current positioning and the target image
  • Development of strategic recommendations and to-dos

Social Media Guideline Implementation

  • Determination of the status quo (communication strategy, social media strategy, channels, channel access, IT security, code of conduct etc.)
  • Research of social media guidelines pertaining to the industry
  • Preparation of background information on benefits and best practice for implementation
  • Preparation and presentation of the social media guidelines
  • Advisory implementation monitoring

Social Media Strategy Consulting

  • Kick-off with discussion of the objectives and the organisational framework
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the status quo and positioning of ten competitors (nationally and globally) with best practice recommendation
  • Central metrics and KPI generation
  • Compact strategy with focus on implementation and the regulatory framework context (data protection)