There are plenty of stakeholders: Press, customers, employees, partners, or competitors, to name but a few. Knowing what they have to say about your business may give you the competitive edge, e.g. through protection of your reputation, brand perception measurements, product improvement approaches, impulses for employer brand development, or strategically relevant information regarding the competitive environment.

We provide you with targeted monitoring of your stakeholders and keep you up to date – both in real-time and no-time. We design your reporting to meet your specific requirements. Here are some examples of the benefits you gain from our services:


By monitoring the press on a regular basis, reputation risks can be identified at an early stage. This enables you to react quickly and to avert impending damage. In addition, by observing the press landscape, you can identify key players and optimise your communication and PR accordingly. Moreover, you can track what the press writes about competitors, providing you with helpful insights. How can we be of service?


Clear customer focus is the bedrock of sustainable business success. Evaluate customer opinions in a targeted manner, use potential for improvement and gain new ideas for products and services. Find the relevant media used by your customers and identify opinion leaders or influencers – we have the technology and an experienced team for the job. Reduce customer loss through churn rate monitoring and optimise your customer communication – CURE Intelligence is happy to help you gain a tangible edge!


What are your competitors up to? Are they hiring? Or maybe new partnerships and products? What campaigns are your competitors running and how can you use this knowledge? What does the pricing look like? We are happy to answer these questions for you – tell us your objectives!


Find out what employees write about your company on social media. This will help you develop your employer brand and position yourself as an attractive company for talents and high performers. In addition, you will find possible “leaks” or even inappropriate behaviour and can react quickly.


How is business with your partners? Are there any strategically significant developments? Do you see ways to improve the sales process with your business partners? Or are there sales partners whose reputation might become a risk for your company? CURE Intelligence develops solutions to (potential) problems. What can we do for you?

CEO Best Practice on Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Analytical evaluation of Twitter and LinkedIn channels of well-known CEOs
  • Definition of KPIs
  • Identification of effective content and recognisable success patterns in wording and posting frequency
  • “Fail” analysis
  • Preparation of a management summary with clear, well-founded recommendations for action

Integrated Media Analysis for a Global Financial Service Provider

  • Global media analysis for a large international financial services company
  • Identification of relevant topics and persons
  • Peer group benchmarking
  • Development of multi-media, multi-level reporting
  • Creation of a newsroom
  • Integration into existing communication processess

Customer Feedback Analysis

  • Identification of topics frequently discussed by users
  • Pain & Gain points summary for each topic area
  • Visualisation of the results including customer quotes
  • Development of a controlling process for continuous execution
  • Implementation of reporting with option for a more in-depth view including competitors