Achieve more on social media – through creative and effective campaigns. We combine know-how and experience for you. Moreover, because of our analytical approach, you can easily comprehend and measure all our social media marketing measures.

Influencer Marketing

For years, influencer marketing has been one of the most popular measures – not least due to its effectiveness. Currently, the trend is ever more developing towards micro and nano influencers. We help you identify the appropriate influencers for your brand, product or service. Let’s find your exact fit – our social media marketing professionals are very happy to share with you in a personal conversation how we go about finding suitable multipliers as well as setting up and accompanying the campaign.


Should you be advertising on Facebook? Or rather XING, or LinkedIn or Twitter? What about prefer Google Ads? What are the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different platforms? How can I best reach my target group? And how can this be done effectively in practice? CURE Intelligence is here to consult you and, if desired, implement the entire process for you – all the way up to lead generation and branding. Our social media marketing experts will guide you with refreshingly exceptional service. Get started now!

Influencer Campaign re. Brand Awareness

  • Identification of influencers best suited for the customer in terms of content and visual language
  • Establishment of contacts and agreement on cooperation
  • Campaign format definition
  • Hashtag research
  • Influencer content reposting on customer channels
  • Campaign performance reporting

Campaign Tracking

  • Monitoring Facebook campaigns over several months
  • Weekly and monthly presentation of the active campaigns’ content
  • Continuous comparison with competitors’ campaigns
  • Budget comparison of interactions and impressions
  • Display of different rates (view-through, click-through, cost per mille, cost per view) and other KPIs

Social Media Campaign Comparison

  • Comparison of similar social media campaigns of two competitors
  • Identification of KPIs such as buzz, engagement, reach, and sentiment
  • Qualitative analysis of user feedback and determination of campaigns’ pain & gain points
  • Design of an integrated campaign reporting