Do you want to know how your company, your products and services or your executives are perceived in the media? Do you want to ensure that your PR measures are effective? Are you looking for influencers for your campaign, or do you want to keep an eye on a specific topic or trend? CURE Intelligence will implement these measures for you!

CURE Intelligence provides you with relevant reports. Flexibility in terms of structure, design, language, format and time interval are our distinguishing features.


Would you like to be perceived as an opinion leader on a specific topic, displaying thought leadership? Or do you want to use a topic for your content marketing? Whatever the objective – keep an eye on topics in an effective way.

CURE Intelligence provides you with relevant reports. Flexibility in terms of structure, design, language, format and time interval are our distinguishing features.

Brand & Reputation

Measure your brand and protect it effectively – we are here to help.

We use just the right tools to determine your brand image, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Additionally, you can rely on experienced CURE teams to define relevant KPIs and benchmarks with you and develop suitable reports or integrate them into existing structures and processes.

A jointly coordinated early warning process helps you to identify potential crises or risks at an early stage, to keep up-to-date and to react accordingly.

Recognising trends early on and using them for your own marketing or communications – CURE makes this possible for you through AI-supported trend recognition and trend observation.

We have developed our own trend indicators and metrics and can therefore quickly and effectively evaluate the trends relevant to you and your industry. In a reporting cycle of your choice, you will receive attractively prepared information on new developments or brand and industry trends, for you to use for your content marketing, product development, or PR.

Campaigns & Events

Are you planning a sales, brand or image campaign and want to monitor and evaluate the reach and the reactions to it as quickly as possible? The annual general meeting is coming up and you want to be kept informed about reactions in real-time?

CURE Intelligence implements effective monitoring and reporting for you. What are you interested in?


To interpret data in a meaningful way and check the extent to which your business goals are achieved, you need a reference – a benchmark.

Here are some examples of metrics that have little meaning without a reference: Newsletter opening rates, average time on site, Facebook channel engagement, brand sentiment on the social web.

Through functional benchmarking, CURE Intelligence provides you with relevant data and metrics, for your marketing/sales, your PR, or your (risk) management.

How can we help?

Campaign Tracking and Optimisation

  • Briefing on the campaign and its objectives
  • Establishment of campaign tracking through selected effective media monitoring tools
  • Creation of a reporting process and definition of central KPIs
  • Campaign monitoring including lean effective coordination with other external agencies
  • Final aggregated campaign reporting

Brand Perception in International Target Markets

  • Definition of the target image for brand perception
  • Derivation of key terms in 11 languages to measure attribution
  • Establishment of a comprehensive media monitoring system
  • Creation of brand reporting for market research and management
  • Integration into existing reporting structures

Development trend report for global group

  • Precise definition of the purpose(s) of trend monitoring and analysis
  • Setting up an effective media monitoring system
  • Development of specific trend indicators
  • Concept and reporting design
  • Development of a second trend report with a focus on sustainability following initial successful launch