Raise your data treasure!

“Data is the new oil.” True, but only if internal and external data are collected, processed, evaluated and visualised in a purposeful way. That’s exactly what Data Intelligence is all about – and we’re here to help you along!


To interpret data in a meaningful way and check the extent to which your business goals are achieved, you need a reference – a benchmark.

Here are some examples of metrics that have little meaning without a reference: Newsletter opening rates, average time on site, Facebook channel engagement, brand sentiment on the social web.

Through functional benchmarking, CURE Intelligence provides you with relevant data and metrics, for your marketing/sales, your PR, or your (risk) management.

How can we help?

Data Integration

You have data (e.g. from your online shop, social media, website, newsletter), but not the time or the know-how to make good use of it? We will gladly take care of it! And help you make better decisions and achieve better communications based on your data. What does your “data landscape” look like?


Key figures with which the performance of activities in your company can be determined are just that – key. Especially if they are supposed to be integrated into your decision-making and communication processes in a meaningful, reliable and goal-oriented way.

The art lies in determining and evaluating the right KPIs. “Right” in this case means that the KPIs are defined exactly in line with your objectives, and that their calculation is based on valid data.

That is exactly what we are here for.

Website Analytics

Website analytics is a well-established concept, but not until recent years have decision-makers realised its full potential. The success of companies like Amazon is also largely due to the continuous evaluation of visitor behaviour.

We consult you on which tracking tools are available and what needs to be considered during implementation so you can gain insights that will help you to optimise your website, your online shop or your content.

You have already set up tracking, but not the time or the know-how to interpret the incoming data? We’re happy to take care of this for you by creating customised reports – on demand in your own corporate design. Of course, we are also happy to integrate them into other evaluations, e.g. from social media monitoring.

Data Visualization

Data should speak for itself. Useful reporting is concise, and provides you with the most important findings quickly and easily. We have mastered this craft: Whether online dashboard, PowerPoint presentation, email or an as part of your IT infrastructure – whatever your preference, we will build you a functional and visually appealing report. Let’s get started!

Predictive Analytics

To gain the competitive edge, it takes intelligent data evaluation to accurately forecast future developments and to act accordingly – use it for yourself!

Tell us your ideas. We will then check existing data for you, obtain further data if necessary, develop target-oriented models, check their suitability and then implement them in such a way that they optimally support your decision-making processes.

Aggregated Online Marketing Reporting

  • Determination of requirements and examination of the data landscape (internally and externally)
  • Creation of a database in which all data sources are aggregated
  • Development of reporting including qualitative and quantitative target values, benchmarks, KPIs, evaluations for all sales and PR channels
  • Process definition for continuous optimisation

Development of a Competitor Benchmarking

  • Status quo and requirement analyses
  • Data acquisition and processing to ten competitors
  • Selection and development of target-oriented KPIs
  • Conception of a functional, visually appealing reporting
  • Implementation of continuous monitoring and reporting measures including a management summary

Campaign Optimisation Through Demand Forecasting

  • Goal: Better control of search engine ads by early recognition of a regionally growing demand for flu remedies
  • Examination of various models and social media data regarding their suitability
  • Model testing using internal sales data
  • Development of a real-time reporting system for ad optimisation