Monitor NGOs with the CURE NGO Relations Monitor

CURE Intelligence’s NGO Relations Monitor provides a comprehensive overview of current developments and trends regarding NGOs. Relevant contributions from NGOs or about NGOs are recorded in a daily monitoring. The CURE Escalation algorithm evaluates and weights the impact of each message and determines the risk of the contributions. Escalation levels and corresponding NGOs are then categorized and visualized in a dashboard. The knowledge gained can be used to take preventive measures or improve communication with the NGOs in a targeted manner.

The advantages of the NGO Relations Monitor:

  • Relevant NGOs in monitoring
  • Early detection of current critical issues
  • Recommendations for action & handling through a well-founded evaluation model
  • Weighting of NGO & issue influences on society
  • Industry & competitor matrix as a benchmark & to classify the company’s own risk
  • Daily dashboard update, 24/7 alerts & regular deep-dive reports
    Permanent expansion of the database (e.g. influencers, sub-topics, additional NGOs, etc.)