Do you want to analyse the current situation or predict future developments with the help of intelligent data evaluation to use the observations as a competitive advantage? Advanced analytics makes it possible! CURE Intelligence collects your data and prepares, evaluates and visualizes the numbers and insights in an appealing way.

Advanced analytics is a subfield of data processing dedicated to descriptive, i.e. backward-looking, as well as predictive data analysis, which can use AI models to predict future trends. In the field of descriptive and predictive analytics, we develop qualitative and quantitative models tailored to your problem. Of course we take into account both the current market standard and current research to obtain the best results for you.

Our data science experts use machine learning to gain crucial insights from your data. For example through unsupervised learning, where clustering can be used to perform customer segmentation.

Typical applications for supervised learning would be regression (e.g. customer termination prediction) or classification (e.g. sentiment analysis of your customers). 

Reinforcement Learning, on the other hand, helps to find intelligence in the field of computer games, for example.

Our data intelligence knowledge brings you forward.