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Social media trends on Instagram, TikTok and Co.

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There’s a lot going on on the social platforms – one trend succeeds the other at an enormous speed. We summarize important trends on Instagram, TikTok and co. that you should pay attention to in 2023.

Social media trend: Virtual influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly relevant for businesses, as influencers are driving purchase rates. According to Statista, 19% of respondents in 2022 bought at least one product on Instagram that was promoted by an influencer. But over the last few years, other types of influencers have emerged: Virtual influencers. Virtual influencers have a very high following. Among the strongest two are Lil Miquela (3 million followers) and Magazine Luiza (6.2 million followers). They represent computer-generated avatars that exhibit characteristics of human influencers and share content about their hobbies, values and products. The advantage is that companies can better control virtual influencers. But this makes them less trustworthy than “real” influencers. Nevertheless, their reach is enormous, which is why they should be considered for possible collaborations. We have already reported on this trend in a past blog post.

Example of a virtual influencer – Lil Miquela.

Social media trend: Food-creators

In 2022 Instagram has published a report describing findings from a study of Gen Z. 68% of participants said they wanted to try international food. Therefore, food creators will continue to gain engagement and reach through creative and short video content like Reels or TikToks. Among food influencers, vegan and sustainable dishes are particularly high on the agenda – cue Veganuary in January. There is also a trend to follow influencers like @Carina Berry, who publish content on fitness and healthy food.

Example of vegan food channel from Bianca Zapatka.
Example of a healthy food channel from Carina Berry.

Social media trend: Instagram Stories & Reels

The reason: Entertainment! Users want to be entertained in their feed and Instagram boss Adam Mosseri sees that and adapted the news feed algorithm. Within a maximum of 30 seconds, information is presented briefly and concisely. Popular formats are currently: recipes, lifehacks & tutorials.

Example of an Instagram reel from

Example of an Instagram reel from
Example of an Instagram reel from lifehack.

Social media trend: fast, direct communication

More and more users are consuming social content and doing online shopping on social media channels or obtaining information there. This leads to one or the other question that the user would like to discuss directly with the company. Therefore, it has become even more important to answer the user quickly – whether by direct message or a comment on your own or other people’s content. Here, social media monitoring offers a very good opportunity to respond to comments outside of the company’s own links. For example, a user asks how he could solve problem X. You can and should react to this.

You would like to implement these trends in your marketing? We would be happy to support you – contact us and we will tackle the issue quickly and competently. Feel free to contact us.

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